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Gonzalo Miranda

Founder Gonz Miranda is a modern day Renaissance man. Over the years he has explored many artistic avenues. Yet his primary passion is his inventive, elegant work as Web Developer and Chief Programmer at Alaskan Star.

Born in Havana, Cuba, raised in Miami, Gonz traveled extensively in Europe and America developing his photographic talents. After returning to Miami, he established a loyal clientele shooting large format (4X5) commercial photography. Today his keen eye is focused on Alaskan Star, and photography is one of the many superior services offered to clients.

Gonz started programming in 1994. Over the years, he has added various languages and programming techniques to his bag of tricks, including FoxPro & Visual FoxPro (Mac and PC), Cold Fusion, HTML, JavaScript, Pascal and a bevy of other digital tidbits. His current focus is designing database applications for the web and dynamic web sites.

Gonz is the unquestionable leading force in content management – he builds a “back door” to websites, so site owners have the ability to change content without contacting the Webmaster. The site owner literally becomes the webmaster. This offers the enormous advantage of being able to keep content fresh, and change copy and photos in an instant. Google and other search engines are very impressed. Your ranking will ultimately show the results.

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