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Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems
As more and more website owners want control of their content they come to Alaskan Star Interactive. We create back-end "Admin Areas" that are custom created to administer any of the content within the site with a simple, user-friendly interface.In essence, you become your own Webmaster.

Our Administrative Areas offer you amazing powers.
  • To change all the information on your site - like pictures, headlines and body copy - in real time.
  • To create an online product area where you add, modify or delete products
  • To build an online mailing list and send out broadcast emails
  • To build an online text messaging list and send out broadcast text messages
  • To read your real time traffic logs included with our hosting plans
  • To tell us whatever you need to make your Administration Area more suitable and productive for your business
  • To enjoy 100% customization that ensures you get only the features you need
Contact us if you would like more information on our Admin Area Content Management Systems.

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